This Is How To Get Rid Of Ticks

These are the directives as laid down by no higher a body than the Centers for Disease Control. These directives will apply to both residential and commercial tick control burgess callout procedures on the assumption that there are residential and commercial property owners who have taken the sensible approach to lean on professional expertise. That of course means that they are hiring the help.

commercial tick control burgess

Alongside of tick-resultant diseases, lyme disease is also on the uptick if you will. The CDC has accordingly put in place a number of steps in order to create what can best be termed a ‘tick-safe’ zone. Property owners are required to remove all littered foliage from their premises. They need to trim tall grass drastically, Wide barriers of wood chips as high as three feet are to be placed between wooded areas and lawns.

This will help to curb tick migrations into areas of refuge. And lawns also need to be mowed on a regular basis. Further than that, wood needs to be stacked neatly. This must be in a dry area. This will also help to discourage rodents from entering the premises. Important for future building renovations and developments is the matter of ensuring that decks, playground equipment and patios are a fair distance from trees and yard edges.

And if it is relevant to the area, deer and raccoons need to be shooed away. So too, even dogs under normal circumstances. All old furniture and mattresses should never be left lying about a yard. And it goes without saying that yards should be free of trash at all times. Apart from domestic pets, ticks also seem to like trash. Take these measures seriously and you can declare yourself a disease-free zone.