A Few Forklift Safety Tips

Operating a forklift is necessary at many businesses. Forklifts take care of jobs that could injure workers or that are impossible for them. They add efficiency and ease to the workplace, as well as safety and time savings. However, operated improperly, a forklift can also be dangerous -or deadly.

More than 39,400 forklift accidents occur each year and about 37 fatalities, according to the information provided from OSHA. If there is a forklift in use at your business, make safety a top priority. It reduces workplace mishaps and productivity loss and ensures that employees are always safe and secure.

A few forklift safety tips to use at your workplace to reduce accidents and incidents:

·    Professional training from a company such as ot delivery valley cottage ny ensures that employees understand proper operation of the machinery.

·    Be alert when operating a forklift. Be around of your surroundings as well.

·    Maintain control over the forklift, remain in the driver’s seat at all times, and wear a seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt reduces risks in the event of an injury.

·    Make sure there are lines that indicate the forklift lane. Always drive the forklift in this lane and make sure that it is separate from pedestrian walking areas.

·    Examine the forklift before each shift. If any broken or missing components are noted or there are other issues, do not use the machine.

·    Never leave a forklift that is turned on unattended.

·    Ensure clear operational rules are in place and followed by employees who operate the forklift. All forklift operators should be company certified to operate the machine.

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The tips above ease worries, injuries and other mishaps at the workplace when a forklift is in use. Keep this information with you at your workplace and enjoy reduced risks and peace of mind each day.