How to Build an SEO friendly Landing Page

SEO-friendly landing pages provide customers with valuable information from the second they land on your website. A good landing page can not only bring in more customers, but help you earn a reputation as well. Landing pages improve SEO rankings and deliver results. How can you build an SEO friendly landing page like the pros at companies like Digital Current do and earn your way to the top?

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  1. Use a Custom URL: Rather than using a subdomain for your landing page, create a custom URL that’s SEO optimized.
  2. Choose Keywords: One of the most important aspects of creating a landing page is choosing the right keywords. Use tools available to ease the keywords selection process.
  3. Create Content: Once the keywords have been chosen, start writing content for the landing page. Use as many keywords as possible in the content without stuffing them. Write for the reader, not a search engine.
  4. Research Matters: Word length is relatively unimportant for a landing page, however, it is essential the content is researched and informative. Factual information is just as important.
  5. Backlinks: The more backlinks you build to your pages, the better. Backlinks serve as a popularity measurement for Google bots. It only benefits your company to use backlinks in content.
  6. Make it Shareable: Adding social media share buttons, email, and other share features ensures that people can tell others about your brand via posts and information they like. This is an important step in the process of creating a great landing page no matter your industry!

If you prefer, trust a phoenix seo agency to create a landing page and to cater to your other SEO needs. Professionals bring expertise and knowledge that reduces our workload while producing results, all at a cost even small businesses can afford. Most people depend on SEO experts to create their well optimized pages.