Vacuum Leak Testing Not For Amateurs

Even if you are a fairly astute DIY practitioner within your home environment, you are still what old school artisanal and engineering and automotive professionals will be referring to as a – rank amateur. Working on your car’s engine in – to be quite honest – a rudimentary manner, you might be thinking that you need to implement the smoke test vacuum leak exercise. This suggestion stopped short of referring to this domestic practice as a risk management exercise.

smoke test vacuum leak

Because it is so not. It is more often than not a risk. And to think that there are DIY guys actually using matches to do the vacuum leak test. That is really playing with fire. It is a tricky business. If you want to use matches, by all means; apply it to testing the veracity and wear and tear of your car’s tires. Look, it is commendable having such a keen interest in your car. It’s resourceful enough being able to do DIY work.

And if it interests you that much, why not make a career out of it. If you have already got a career to get up to in the morning, you can still learn how to correctly and proactively apply your means testing in the DIY arena. There are even online courses you can take. And you can register for free. But simplY watching videos on your preferred social media channels is just not good enough. The stuff guys are putting up.

It can be dangerous. As they have said time and time again; kids, don’t try this at home. If it is necessary to do the smoke test vacuum leak exercise, why not do yourself a favor and let the professionals handle this matter. You and your apparatus will be the happier for it.